The Return of the Glorious Timberfligibbet!

Thank You!

Thanks everyone! The Timberfligibbet is officially closed for the season. We appreciate everyone who gave it a go and hope everyone who won enjoyed the gift card! Football is still in full swing at both locations, so join us every Sunday to watch your favorite team!

Welcome to the newly renamed football poll/quiz/predictorama/same game, new name. Thanks to everyone who voted on the winner!

Here’s how it works: we ask you to predict various things that are going to happen each week in the NFL, then after the week ends we tally up the scores and whoever gets the most right wins a $25 gift card. Easy!
More importantly, the location with the most winners at the end of the season will get extra specials for the AFC & NFC championships and the NFL championship game. So spread the word and get more people to enter for your restaurant!
The fine print:
  • We promise we won’t use your email for anything other than to let you know if you’ve won
  • Sunday/Monday games only, so you have until Sunday at 1pm to get your entry in
  • You get 1 point for each question answered correctly, but some answers are worth additional bonus points, listed in parenthesis like so: (+3)
  • In the event of a question with multiple answers (e.g. which team punts the most times and multiple teams tie for the most) any correct answer is scored as correct
  • One entry per person, in the event of multiple entries, the first entry shall count
  • All disputes/discrepancies/errors (in judgement or otherwise) shall be settled by rock-paper-scissors

Have fun! Click the link below to jump to the current week’s quiz!

For those of you who care, here are past week’s results.

Week 1: since we forgot to actually release the quiz, but made one, Adam took down Steve in a vicious owner vs. owner battle, 2-1. Point goes to the Tap House.

Week 2: Jennifer S. takes a point for the Grill to tie it up! Results here, if you’d like to know how you did.

Week 3: Leslie C. scores again for the Grill! Results here, if you’re interested.

Week 4: Wendy M. helps the Grill take a commanding lead! Results here, if you’re curious.

Week 5: Leon O. and the Grill are running away with it. Results here, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Week 6: Durand takes another one for the Grill. Results, voila!

Week 7: Close one! James W. steals a second win from Jennifer S. on the tiebreaker. Check it out here.

Week 8: An 8-way tie going into the Halloween game with Erica D. the only one coming away with the right answer for the victory. And hit the tiebreaker score exactly just for good measure. Results!

Week 9: Our first perfect score! Brian R. gets 5 out of 5. Bravo! Results!

Week 10: Stephen H. Takes it with the bold Colts prediction for the bonus point. Results!

Week 11: Jaimie wins it with the Monday night tiebreaker. Results!

Week 12: Ceci R. takes the final week. Congrats! Results!

Current Tally:


Timberwood Tap House


Timberwood Grill